Google Chrome Running Slow – How To Fix Google Chrome Crashes

by Frank on March 24, 2012

Are you just wondering about Google Chrome and it’s really slow performance? Looking for some simple, fast and proven tips to fix chrome crashes/ freezes/ slowdowns and speed up it’s performance. Well, I had the same problem on my PC few months ago. I researched in so many websites like Wikipedia, official Google Chrome support forum, etc. Also I asked my problem in various discussion boards. All of them just said me things like clean Chrome history, cookies, web cache, re-install chrome and so many crappy stuff.


Finally I asked it on Yahoo Answers and 5 out of 8 replies were about the same thing. Most of them told me that it should be a problem with Winsock2 modules in your registry and to use a tool called wise fixer to fix them. So, I just downloaded and installed Wise Fixer on my computer. Thenscanned my registry, fixed all detected errors and compacted my registry. Finally I restarted my PC and just tried to access few websites. Chrome was running really fine. There were no connection errors, Oops warnings or timeout warnings at all. Windows registry was the actual reason for unexpected freezes in Google Chrome. So far I have never experienced those annoying chrome crashes anymore after cleaning my registry once with that tool. So, no need to say “Chrome Running Slow” again!

OK. Here are the steps…

1. Download, install and run WiseFixer.

Chrome Freezes Frequently

2. Choose “Network Optimize” tab, select your connection type and click “Optimize”


3. Finally go to “Winsock2 Repair” tab and click “Optimize”


4. Reboot your computer and you’re done!

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